By Adam R. Kahn, Senior Director, Marketing Operations & Demand, Frost & Sullivan

It’s been 5 weeks since the conclusion of our first annual STAR (Sales Team Alpine Retreat) Event and what an EVENT it was. I use CAPS, because that’s the best way to capture the importance of what we all accomplished this year. We’ve reviewed the feedback, evaluations, posts, pictures, etc to process the highlights from this amazing event.

First off, STAR certainly delivered on its promise to be “a can’t miss, one-of-a-kind event.” A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange is an unparalleled event and STAR surpassed our expectations in its first year. The intimate size and audience of industry leaders and influencers provided an exclusive opportunity to bring together a participant community that was nearly 90% executive level (C-level, VP or Director). The fun filled venue and program inspired unbelievable conversations, ideas and most importantly professional relationships which will impact the future of all who participated. Most people we spoke with got back to their office both energized and exhausted (is that even possible?), with the inspiration and ideas necessary to impact change and transform growth.

“The event was fantastic! It was great to meet like-minded peers.I left highly motivated and energized!”
Senior Vice President, Head of Global Sales Operations, Siemens Healthineers

Be Inspired!

This was our challenge for everyone at STAR and holy cow you pulled it off! We asked that you don’t just tell someone that you were inspired by them, but rather SHOW THEM with the Inspire pin. Pins were being passed around and inspirational could almost be felt. Thanks for participating!

ROR – Return On Relationships

This is what it’s all about. We Frosties pride ourselves on creating a culture that builds meaningful relationships in ways non-Executive MindXchange participants will NEVER understand. Your words and actions capture the recap way better than I could articulate:

“Great ideas, better solutions across different industries and the networking opportunity is unlike anything I have experienced. I highly recommend!”
Sales Manager, Infinity Auto Insurance

“I wish our entire sales organization could attend STAR. A one of a kind event that provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow.”
Account Executive, Zoom

“I loved STAR! It kept me in the know of what’s next.”
Vice President, Sales Group, DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc.

Special thanks to the on-site Frosties who made it all happen! We look forward to seeing you next year!

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