FILTER BY ZONE: Stick with one zone or bounce around to others, its your choice! All zones are PPT free & participant-driven discussions. 2. Nail the Sale!


03mar11:00 AMCase History Zone 1: Agile Selling: The New Sales Imperative
11:00 AM Rockstar Insights: Sean Goldie, Director of Field Sales Enablement & Inside Sales, Apptio Fab Facilitator: George Donovan, Chief Revenue Officer, Allego

03mar1:50 PMRoundtable Zone 1: Key Accounts: Winning Strategies to Close More Business
1:50 PM Fab Facilitator: Jamie Shanks, Chief Executive Officer, SalesforLife

04mar11:15 AMThinkTank Zone 1: Next Level Selling: Coaching Your Team to Deliver Sales Empathy
11:15 AM Fab Facilitator: Bruce Wedderburn, Chief Sales Officer, Integrity Solutions

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Sales Team Accelerator Retreat (STAR): A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange is a remarkable setting for key members of the sales organization to come together to strengthen their bonds and improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness. The unique format also delivers robust opportunities to collaborate with other sales organizations to tackle shared challenges around C-Suite expectations; talent; sales tools; best practices and processes; changing customer behavior; and game-changing emerging technologies.

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