In Sales, It’s Now or Never. Or Is It?

By Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell In a narrow sense, the purpose of Sales as a function is to secure fresh revenue. It could be revenue from a new logo, a renewal, an upsell, or a cross-sell; but it is all just revenue, green and fresh and sliding deliciously into...

Five Sentences That Will Change Your Life

By Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell Recently, I found myself prescribing a script to someone in the most powerful class of salespeople: a CEO/Founder (aka, a C/F). C/Fs, a kind of Big Dog usually given a certain degree of respect compared to, say, an Account...

Your Prospects Are Not Psychic

By Chris Beall, CEO, ConnectAndSell One should always hesitate before pronouncing something “the best,” and be even more circumspect before saying “the worst.” But what the heck? The worst thing I hear reps say to open a cold call is “Did you have a chance to read my...

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Sales Team Accelerator Retreat (STAR): A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange is a remarkable setting for key members of the sales organization to come together to strengthen their bonds and improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness. The unique format also delivers robust opportunities to collaborate with other sales organizations to tackle shared challenges around C-Suite expectations; talent; sales tools; best practices and processes; changing customer behavior; and game-changing emerging technologies.

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