september, 2021

21sep1:50 PMRoundtable Zone 1: Key Accounts: Winning Strategies to Close More Business1:50 PM Fab Facilitator: Amar Sheth, Partner, Customer Experience, SalesforLife


(Tuesday) 1:50 PM


According to recent research – 77% of account/territory managers (of a geo-territory, vertical or industry) use revenue as the basis for selecting their accounts. While this subscribes to the thesis that strategic accounts generate >25% more sales revenue, this account selection process has a major flaw. This selection process does not account for probability and/or velocity as an attribute to winning presumably larger sales opportunities.  This model does not account for relationships – as a key competitive advantage or disadvantage that can dramatically alter probability and/or velocity of account activation. How can we upend this flawed model?

Key Take-Aways:

  • Examples of how companies are applying the “Sphere of Influence”, rooted in modeling “social proximity” as a key driver to account selection
  • Insight on how sellers are identifying asymmetrical competitive advantages and disadvantages (relationships) in their Total Addressable Market
  • Best practices for leveraging compelling triggers that are a complimentary mechanism to be first to activating accounts

Fab Facilitator

Amar Sheth, Partner, Customer Experience, SalesforLife

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