march, 2020

04mar11:15 AMThinkTank Zone 2: Human vs Machine: Striking the Balance in Customer Interaction11:15 AM Fab Facilitator: Chris Beall, Chief Executive Officer, Connect and Sell


(Wednesday) 11:15 AM


As automated customer-facing technologies become both more available and less expensive to set up and manage, it’s tempting to apply automation as broadly as possible in order to drive consistency and reduce costs. But we all know from personal experience that sometimes there’s just no substitute for a live human being to cut through the noise and put creativity and empathy to work to solve our pressing problem. Join us to explore and discover how we can strike a balance between the obvious benefits of automation and the magic of the human touch.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Insight on which situations call for direct customer interaction with automation and which are best served by AI-enhanced human agents
  • Best practices for dealing with confirmation bias when designing and deploying automation that interacts directly with customers
  • Examples of how to bring enough data into the mix without descending into the hell of an endless data clean-up project

Fab Facilitator

Chris Beall, Chief Executive Officer, Connect and Sell

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