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Sunday, March 1, 2020 | ARRIVAL DAY

7:00 PM

Suggested Arrival Time
Arrive Sunday to participate in Monday’s Workshop and Networking Activities.

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Spend your morning learning and your afternoon and evening networking! Join us for an interactive morning workshop on a critical topic, and then later link in, relax, meet-and-greet during special activities devoted to making new contacts and new friends.

INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP- SalesTech Framework: Because Buying B2B SalesTech is Hard

8:00 AM

Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM

Interactive Workshop Begins
Back by popular demand, this not-to-be-missed workshop will guide you in making the RIGHT SalesTech buying decision, the first time. Please note participation in the workshop is restricted to sales practitioners/end-users.

12:00 PM

Networking Lunch
Please note luncheon is restricted to workshop participants and Growth Innovation Leadership Council Members.

12:30 PM

Sponsor Workshop

12:45 PM

Growth Innovation Leadership Council Meet ‘n’ Greet and Roundtable Discussion

1:45 PM

Council Roundtable Concludes

2:00 PM

Sponsor Registration & Orientation Reception

2:45 PM

Presenters and Thought Leader Orientation

3:30 PM

Meet ‘n’ Greet
This end-user/practitioner networking activity is your opportunity to identify – right out of the gate – those peers who share challenges similar to your own. It’s a great way to find participants who have thought leadership you can benefit from and to facilitate later dialogues throughout the event.

4:30 PM

Networking Activity

7:30 PM

Welcome Networking Reception & Event Kickoff

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8:15 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibition

Registration Items & Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

9:00 AM

Welcome and Headliner
Effective Selling 2020: Succeeding Amidst Accelerating Cycles and Escalating Competition

9:50 AM


10:00 AM

EXECUTIVE BULLETIN 2020: Prepare to Pivot

10:30 AM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:


Customize your agenda! Stay the course with one zone or bounce around to others. All collaboration zones are Power-Point Free, participant-driven discussions featuring creative thinking and idea generation.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Meaningful Sales Connections
Zone 2. Nail the Sale!
Zone 3. Change the Game with AI, Analytics, and Automation

11:00 AM


Case Histories explore a specific use case and include informal conversations that draw upon the experience and expertise of the featured executive and participants.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Mapping the Buyer’s Journey: Channel Enablement and Messaging Consistency

Zone 2. Empowering Your Team for the Agile Sale

Zone 3. Achieving Efficiency Gains with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

12:00 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

12:05 PM


Choose one of the following concurrent sessions:

INTERACTIVE – Solutions Wheel

Play the “wheel” to find out which of the industry’s products and services will help you solve your challenges. It is a series of rapid fire, one-on-one meetings with leading sponsors – both intense and fulfilling.



From Product to Solution: Rehabbing a Value Story

12:45 PM

Food For Thought Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders

Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

1:45 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

1:50 PM


Roundtable sessions capture the power of all participants’ voices, insights and experiences via group discussion and exploration of the issue at hand.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Engaging Customers: The Art and Science of Personalizing Sales & Marketing Content

Zone 2. Upending Your Approach to Targeting Accounts

Zone 3. AI and Analytics: Insights When and Where You Need It

3:20 PM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

3:50 PM

THE FIX – Crowdsourcing Tactical Solutions to Our Most Vexing Challenges

Share your smarts! Choose between six themed brainstorming sessions and crowd source solutions to the most vexing challenges facing sales leaders and sales managers today. These are 15 minute rapid fire sessions with three rotations. First come, first served, so choose wisely! Each brainstorm group will build upon the other to build a list of readily operationalized ideas to these common challenges:

THE FIX ON Onboarding Faster

THE FIX ON Digital Upskilling and Workforce of the Future

THE FIX ON Reaching Buyers

THE FIX ON Sales Organization Design and Strategy

4:40 PM

HeadlinerIt’s All BS! How Your Belief System Keeps You From Winning

5:30 PM

STAR’s 3rd Annual Western Olympics & Cookout

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6:45 AM

Early Risers Run/Walk
Calling all walkers, joggers and runners! Lace up your sneakers and get your endorphins flowing with a little exercise. It’s the perfect start to a great day of content and networking!

6:45 AM

Sunrise Yoga
Calling all yogis! Get energized while building strength and flexibility with us. This upbeat, creative yoga practice, will link breath and movement to keep you present and centered. We’ll utilize Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements to help you face the day with a courageous spirit.

8:00 AM

Continental Breakfast and Exhibition

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

8:45 AM

Ice Breaker and Headliner
How I Transformed My Thinking and My Behavior for a Digital World

9:30 AM

Speed Runs

  • Building an Intentionally Inclusive Sales Culture
  • Engaging the Enterprise: Storytelling with Data

10:15 AM

Briefing Sessions, Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break

Featured Demonstration Hosted by:

11:15 AM


ThinkTank sessions employ interactive team exercises in a “roll up your sleeves” learning environment.

Choose one of the following zones:

Zone 1. Value Conversations: Linking Solutions to Nuanced Customer Needs

Zone 2. Coaching for Empathy: Making Emotional Connections with Reps and Customers Part of Your DNA

Zone 3. Balancing Automated and Human Resources in the Customer Experience

12:45 PM

Food for Thought Networking Luncheon – Networking Roundtables Hosted by Industry Leaders
Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts. The list of discussion topics will be available on-site.

1:45 PM

Mover & Shaker InterviewsIt’s All About Good Sales Data!

2:45 PM

Insights and Ideas RoundupImplementing the Best, Brightest, and Boldest Ideas from the Program

3:30 PM

Content for STARSales Team Accelerator Retreat: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange Concludes

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