How to Hire Amazing Sales Candidates

Jamie Crosbie, Founder and CEO, ProActivate It’s a nail-bitingly tense moment. Everyone is holding their breath, focused on the drama of the launchpad. The countdown drones on. “10…9…8…” Will the rocket shoot skyward? Or will it fail spectacularly?...


By Andy Smith, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, AXIOM Sales Force Development I was recently working with a salesperson in Delaware and, as I stood there glancing over his shoulder at the long list of opportunities he had built up in his sales pipeline,...

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Sales Team Accelerator Retreat (STAR): A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange is a remarkable setting for key members of the sales organization to come together to strengthen their bonds and improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness. The unique format also delivers robust opportunities to collaborate with other sales organizations to tackle shared challenges around C-Suite expectations; talent; sales tools; best practices and processes; changing customer behavior; and game-changing emerging technologies.

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