Building Peak Performing Sales Organizations
The People, The Processes, and The Technology

February 11 – 13, 2019

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Content that Connects You with Decision Makers

Career Specific Education & Conversations Designed For:

Sales Leadership

Participants will learn and share how their peers achieve scalable revenue growth and how they design, build, & manage their sales organizations. The content will hit upon how to beat the competition, grow existing customers and identify the right technology for different types of sales teams. Discussions will center around strategy, process, and organizational design.

Sales Management

Participants will learn and share the process of developing a sales force, including recruiting, onboarding, coaching, and implementing sales techniques that allow a business to consistently surpass sales targets. Discussions will center around account management policies, forecasting, team training and development, as well as setting sales targets and performance, monitoring and evaluation methods.

Sales Operations

Participants will learn and share the business activities and processes that help a sales organization run effectively, efficiently and support the business strategies and objectives of the organization. Discussions will center around data management, technology, dashboards, reporting and administration, lead generation, forecasting, analytics and business insight.

Sales Stars

Designed for the top 20% in your sales organization who want to get to that next level. Participants will learn and share strategies to achieve faster sales cycles, increase revenue per sale and experience higher conversion rates. Discussions will center around key account strategies, outbound prospecting, upsell and cross-sell techniques, social selling and overall, best practices in sales conversions.

A Can’t Miss, One of A Kind Event

Expect the Unexpected

Previous Participants from Sales Team Alpine Retreat

Executive MindXchange Participant Testimonials

testimonial quote

“A great opportunity to step outside of your normal job to see above the trees and map a better path.”

–Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Director, Sales, 24-7 INTOUCH

testimonial quote

“A fantastic event that brings experts together to share experiences, challenges and solutions, in a dynamic,inspiring environment! The networking opportunities are many and diverse, putting you in contact with peers so you can share knowl- edge on the spot and in the future.”

–Manager eCommerce, Sales Strategy & Excellence, ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL TRADING B.V.

testimonial quote

“A very social event,enormous amount of relevant knowledge and sharing of experience and best practices.”

–Account Director, ASPECT SOFTWARE

testimonial quote

“I thought the interactive sessions as well as the General topic sessions were excellent. I was able to interact with peers who are facing some of the same challenges that I am, sharing ideas and techniques that will help in the future.”

–Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, NELNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

testimonial quote

“Very engaging, lots of content, jam-packed with activities, demos, and networking opportunities. Peers focused on similar relevant business issues and the solutions used to address them.”

–Client Communication Consultant, NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL

testimonial quote

“Superior conference format that lets the participants interact with each other and share insights, directions, and challenges, without the sales hype…Every session, whether keynote speeches or fireside chats, produced key takeaways and best practices.”

–Vice President, Solutions Consulting, WATERFIELD TECHNOLOGIES

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